Now, I never really understood the effect of social media until I found myself at Crave Kitchen &Bakery.

I was on social media and someone on my Instagram feed posted about Crave Kitchen and how lovely it was. What drew my attention was the fact that it was in kikuyu town, a few kilometres from where I stay. Kikuyu town is one of those local towns that has a lot of history but not the kind of place you find a cosy spot to read a book. My curiosity drove me to find out for my self what this great spot was.

Going with nothing but Google maps, I found my way to kikuyu town. The pin on the map was a little off and my sister and I ended up going round in circles before we finally asked for directions. All the fatigue and peeved emotions lifted off the moment we got to the restaurant.

Yes crave kitchen is a hidden gem in the middle of a busy town. It has the feel of The Alchemist in Westlands combined with a feel of sophistication of Art Café. It’s the kind of place you would go for a first date, the kind of place you would go to read a book, the kind of place you would go to get your creative juices flowing, it’s the kind of place to take your mother for tea and it’s definitely the kind of place you would visit again.

The décor of the place is very rustic and artsy. The walls are not painted giving it a very edgy feel and look. The tiny wooden seats and chairs makes it very fun. You would think they are too small to fit any grown human but it surprises you how well your bum fits.

Why I love the place even more is because of the pocket friendly prices. Even on a bad day you can afford to make your taste buds happy.

We ordered the butternut soup and a plate of fries with a salad. For someone who doesn’t like butter nut, I thoroughly enjoyed the soup. The fries were well portioned, but I like my fries thinly cut however that did not pull away from how enjoyable they were.

I definitely will be going back to Crave Kitchen to sample more of their food and their pastries. They make their own pastries from scratch and you know you can never go wrong with fresh pastries.

I should mention they have good service,  the lady that served us was friendly. 

So anyone who lives around Kikuyu town, I would highly recommend Crave Kitchen to you and also anyone going to Nakuru or Naivasha or that route, ensure you pass by Crave Kitchen to get your taste buds enticed and your soul at peace.


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